Intrinsically Discorded Proteins

Intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) are relevant in many diseases. They can occupy a variety of different conformations making them challenging to study.

The problem

IDPs are naturally abundant proteins that are valuable drug targets. One of the main challenges when studying IDPs is that they tend to aggregate at the high concentrations needed in drug development assays, especially when they are not bound by a ligand.

The InSingulo solution

Using liposome tethered IDPs and our dISA technology has proven valuable to avoid many shortcomings of other technologies.The single molecule sensitivity allows us to use low target concentration usually in the picomolar range. Low concentrations are necessary for some applications and also help to prevent aggregation. These liposomes can then be incorporated into our assay systems to accurately determine the binding kinetics of unlabelled test compounds with unprecedented sensitivity.

Illustrating the solution