About Us

InSingulo Solutions is a Sweden based technology company that develops next generation label free methods that allow to overcome the challenges of label free biosensing in drug development and research.

InSingulo Solution was founded 2017 after a five year collaboration between AstraZeneca and Chalmers University exploring the opportunity to overcome today’s challenges of biophysics in drug discovery using single molecule microscopy. Next to improved sensitivity, extreme low reagent consumption this technology proved extremely valuable for currently challenging targets and being able to work with membrane proteins in their native environment without compromising on data content and quality. While single molecule techniques are spread in the academic environment the penetration of industrial applications over the last two decades stayed beyond expectations. One of the hurdles of employing single molecule technologies was always their limited fit for purpose design and lack of robustness.

In Singulo Solutions achieved to develop a toolbox transforming single molecule microscopy to a Swiss-army knife for biophysical question in general and in particular in drug discovery. With high reliability, full automation and high tolerance regarding the used reagents will expand the toolbox of scientists. By being able to work with membrane proteins and delivering even more information about the ligand-receptor interaction than conventional technologies it is it delivers a long needed and highly needed solution for drug discovery. In the recent years we optimized the technology for several applications and are always pushing to expand its application space. In the future we will focus to deliver a stand-alone single molecule microscopy platform that allows users an easy entry into the usage of single molecule techniques and provides a quick learning to unleash quickly its full performance.